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Products containing hazardous substances

Products containing hazardous substances have hazard symbols and other warnings on their labels. They indicate the danger that could occur if you use the product incorrectly. This lets transporters and users know about the risks of the products. A substance may be irritating or corrosive, harmful to people and the environment, or flammable or explosive. Some symbols may appear in combination on the same product.

hazard symbol free

What is hazard symbol-free?

Hazard symbol-free means that the product in question does not require any hazard indication (symbol) or warning and therefore no hazard symbol/label is needed. And that the product is safe for humans and the environment.


Label-free maintenance and cleaning products

Eco-Point has many label-free maintenance and cleaning products. Some examples are given below. Go to our webshop for all our label-free maintenance and cleaning products.


Flushing agent for paint sprayers

Lastoclear RTU

Polycarbonate cleaner

Solvega 300

Odourless natural degreaser/solvent. Based on esterified natural rapeseed oil.

E.P. Bio-Degreaser

VOC-free, water-dilutable cleaner and degreaser, with the power of natural solvents.

E.P. Proplex

E.P. Proplex is a safe, powerful, biodegradable ink, glue, paint residue and graffiti remover.