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The pioneer in natural cleaning solutions

Make your working environment cleaner – and greener, with our range of organic eco-friendly products.

Eco-Point: pioneers of safe, sustainable cleaning!

At Eco-Point environmental sustainability is our top priority when it comes to developing safe and effective cleaning products for modern industrial needs. Our journey began more than thirty years ago with a mission: to make the world cleaner without compromising people, animals or the environment.

And we are still going strong! Our headquarters in Halsteren, in the south Netherlands, is where we innovate powerful cleaning solutions that are good for the planet, and just as good – if not better – than traditional hazardous chemicals.

Eco-Point - Duurzame reinigingsoplossingen

What makes our cleaning solutions special?

Our approach is bold and unique. Drawing on the power of nature we convert materials derived from crops like sugar beet, corn and rapeseed into high-quality, organic professional cleaning agents. This groundbreaking approach, using only naturally derived, ingredients allows us to create non-hazardous alternatives to traditional cleaners such as thinners, acetone, benzene and mineral spirits. And there’s more! As well as safe replacements for thinners, we also offer hazard free brake cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners, descalers, degreasers and rust removers.

Our cleaning solutions:

Aceton vervanger

Acetone alternatives

Bitumen verwijderaar

Bitumen remover

Lijm verwijderen

Glue remover



Remmenreiniger - Onze Oplossingen - Eco-Point

Brake cleaners

Roest verwijderen

Rust removers

Eco-Point - Onze reinigingsoplossingen - Schoonmaakmiddelen

Cleaning products

Graffiti verwijderen

Thinner alternatives

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The difference from traditional cleaning solutions

Our values ​​– conscious, clever & caring – are the foundations of our commitment to sustainability. Our cleaning products use only natural ingredients and are completely biodegradable. This means that they are completely safe, and better for our planet. We exceed standards when it comes to environmental performance, transparency and responsibility, making us the leader in our field.

Why choose Eco-Point?

Eco-Point is the best choice for those who prioritise sustainability and safety. Our products promote a modern eco-conscious approach to cleaning. Whether you are an established or growing company that wants to minimize its environmental footprint – or an individual looking for safe and responsible cleaning solutions, Eco-Point has a wide range of products suited to your needs. Our products provide a much-needed leap towards a future that is greener, cleaner and smarter. Join our green revolution for a cleaner world!