Solvega 300 Extra

Natural degreaser / solvent

A natural cleaning/ degreasing solvent. Based on esterfied natural rapeseed oil. Improved rinse-off caused by the addition of emulsifiers.

from 16,32/ liter


Product information

Product description

Solvega 300 Extra is an ultra user friendly cleaning/degreasing agent. Safe in use, because of its aromatic free character and the lack of chlorinated hydrocarbons; the product has no unpleasant smell of oil. Solvega 300 Extra has a sublime degreasing action and can be used as a solvency power for other solvents (ask your product consultant for the possibilities). The combination of emulsifiers and water causes an unstable emulsion which separate easily in rest.

Sustainable solution

Solvega 300 Extra is the safe and effective alternative to conventional products such as gasoline and white spirit. For companies that either do not want to or are not allowed to work with mineral oils as a degreasing solvent, Solvega 300 Extra is the perfect alternative!
Due to its solvency power Solvega 300 Extra can be applied as an intensifier in systems with limited solvent ability.

Special advantages

  • Recycle IconHas an extremely high flash point: ca. 180°C
  • Recycle IconIs free of aromatics and other mineral oil components
  • Recycle IconIs free of hazard labelling
  • Recycle IconIs a natural product
  • Recycle IconIs easily biodegradable especially compared to gasoline and white spirit
  • Recycle IconSpreads no harmful vapours and is VOC free!
  • Recycle IconDoes not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons such as methylene chloride, 1.1.1 trichloroethane etc.

Areas of application

  • Machine parts and tools
  • Degreasing of metals
  • Ball bearings
  • Chains and conveyor belts

Solution areas

  • Contaminated machines
  • Contaminated tools
  • Contaminated parts
  • Aromatic solvents are very unhealthy
  • A low flashpoint needs special measures
  • Harmful (VOC) solvents

More information

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Technical Data Sheet - Solvega 300 Extra


Solvega 300 Extra