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About Eco-Point

Mission, vision & our values

Eco-Point develops and produces ecologically sound industrial cleaning solutions in the Netherlands. Safe products to remove grease, limescale, glue, ink, rust and paint are developed in its own laboratory and factory in Halsteren. Eco-Point makes ecological cleaning solutions for the business market. We started thirty years ago as sustainability pioneers in this industry with one goal: to contribute to making the world cleaner in a safe way. Safe for the environment, people and animals. This is the reason all our 35 employees come to work every day at our home base in Halsteren. It is also why we continue to develop our products and pioneer the industry as ‘future makers and frontrunners’, always with sustainability in mind. That is why we say: By nature, for life.

What we do

Eco-Point produces ecological cleaning products to remove grease, lime, glue, ink, rust and paint and supplies them to the business market. Most products contain natural raw materials, are biodegradable and – if used as intended – harmless to humans and the environment.

Among other things, we work based on residual flows of sugar beet, maize and rapeseed, which are upcycled into products that do not require hazard symbols in our own factory in Halsteren. These hazard symbol-free products are safe alternatives to environmentally harmful products such as thinner, acetone, benzene, white spirit.

We are not only a cleaning solutions supplier, but also a partner. Our collaboration always starts with a meeting on site. We take stock of the situation and provide the customer with customised advice and a demonstration of the appropriate product. We can also organise information and training sessions on site. Our products are delivered within 24 hours if possible.

The laboratory

Our own laboratory helps us respond to new developments in cleaning products and to the needs and wishes of our customers worldwide. The laboratory employs two lab technicians who work every day on creating new cleaning solutions, on testing and approving the cleaning products, and on providing internal training for the sales team so these employees are always aware of the background, legislation and product characteristics.

Vision: the new standard for a clean world

Despite the fact that the world has been heavily polluted over the past years, we are optimistic. Day in and day out, we work hard to make the world a cleaner place and keep it liveable so the generations that come after us can also have a bright future in good health and prosperity. We are happy to contribute to a circular economy in which we handle scarce raw materials consciously and where there is no place for cleaning agents full of toxic, unhealthy substances. We do this by making natural cleaning solutions available to as many people as possible. For example, we work based on residual flows of sugar beet, maize and kohlrabi, which are upcycled in our factory into hazard symbol-free products. Working with our sustainable, safe and effective products is a smart choice. Together with our stakeholders, we want to grow our segment to offer conscious options to even more people and businesses.

Mission: the natural choice

At Eco-Point, pioneering is in our nature. Starting from our founders’ vision, we have grown over the past 30 years to become the natural alternative to the traditional cleaning products available on the market. We now have the quality of the market leader. One thing has remained the same: we still work with the mentality of the pioneer. We set the standard in the market. We work every day in our own lab to develop even better and smarter products. This is in keeping with our role as a leader in corporate responsibility and sustainable product innovations: together, we are shaping the green revolution. We use natural raw materials in our products, so there is no unnecessary impact on people and the environment. Furthermore, we exceed the standards for environmental performance, transparency and accountability. With our wealth of experience – and often long-standing relationships with our partners – we have knowledge and insight into the most innovative industry-specific, and even company-specific, applications. We started in a niche, but have made sustainability the norm in the cleaning industry. Eco-Point can always fall back on the philosophy that has guided our organisation for 30 years: the natural choice for a clean world.

Our values: conscious, clever & caring

As future-makers and frontrunners, we have set the standard for responsible enterprise and sustainable product innovations: we are shaping the green revolution. This is necessary because we live in a time that calls for change. This begins with self-awareness (conscious). We want to make the difference by taking responsibility and making a positive contribution in society. What we offer is an intelligent choice (clever). We choose natural raw materials, invest in innovation and make cleaning products that are accessible to the entire business and industrial market. The decision to produce sustainable cleaning solutions based on plant extracts arose from the desire to take good care of people, the environment and animals. (caring). Especially in recent years, increasing environmental pollution and global warming have intensified the urgency to take good care of the planet, and this will continue to be extremely important in the future.