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Construction adhesive removal

When is construction adhesive a problem?

Construction adhesive is used to permanently fasten two or more parts together. Construction adhesive does not fall under the category of sealant, but under the category of glue. For more information on construction adhesives (glues), please refer to the section on removing adhesive residues. The vast majority of construction adhesives contain solvents to keep the construction adhesive flexible and sprayable while it is in the packaging. After the construction adhesive has been applied, the solvents disappear on exposure to air and the construction adhesive hardens. Because it can take some time for sealants to cure completely, solvents can be released even after application. Construction adhesives are often removed using products that contain harmful volatile substances. Performing this task with such construction adhesive removal products is harmful to the environment and dangerous. Rapid evaporation of solvents creates a harmful working environment due to high concentrations in the air and can therefore contribute to P.O.S. (psychoorganic syndrome). This is an irreversible impairment of the brain due to inhalation of harmful solvents.

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Removing construction adhesive

Removing construction adhesive is a time-consuming task. If the construction adhesive sits on a surface for a long time, it becomes difficult to remove. The degree of difficulty also depends on the surface (plastic, stone, vehicle paint, glass, wood, etc.). Poorly cleaned adhesive and peripheral equipment can cause malfunctions and production downtime. It is important to remove all old sealant carefully with a sealant scraper and to degrease the surface well. It is best to sand the surface slightly afterwards and make it dust-free again.