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Which degreaser is right?

Degreasing makes it possible to remove all traces of grease and oils from every part. Fat and oil cannot be dissolved in water. That means a bucket of soap, water and a sponge is not enough. Greasy surfaces can only be cleaned with special safe degreasers. Powerful degreasers are important for work in painting, finishing and maintenance companies, metal companies, and also in ship and yacht building, the plastics industry and petrochemicals. Eco-Point has a number of powerful, safe degreasers.


Safe degreasers

Eco-Point has several safe alternatives and substitutes to polluting products: BioSafe– Powerful, biodegradable industrial cleaner/degreaser with the addition of natural soda and solubility enhancers. Ecosol 60 – Industrial cleaner/degreaser based on very high-quality, low-aromatic petroleum distillates. Solveco – High-quality industrial cleaner/degreaser based on very pure, aromatic-free synthetic hydrocarbons. Solvega 300 EXTRA – Odourless natural degreaser/solvent. Based on esterified natural rapeseed oil. For removing various oils and greases. Free of hazard labelling (H and P-phrases) Safeco – Fast-acting cleaner/degreaser based on safe and easily degradable solvents, for removal of all kinds of contaminants in chemical-related environments, such as adhesives, sealants, resins, etc., and does not require any hazard symbols. Ecosol 100 – Ecosol 100. Industrial cleaner/degreaser based on very high-quality, low-aromatic petroleum distillates.

Degreasing in a degreasing tank

You can choose to degrease the machine parts manually, but it is easier to do this in a special degreasing tank. This tank, also called a parts washer, has an open reservoir where the degreaser fluid is held so you can degrease your parts yourself. There are also fully automatic systems that run a washing programme using a preset temperature and time switch to break down all the oils and greases. Eco-Point also has degreaser fluids that are suitable for degreasing tanks and industrial washing machines.