E.P. Proplex

Biodegradable ink, glue, paint and graffiti remover

A safe powerful biodegradable product for removing ink, glue and adhesives, paint remains and graffiti.

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Product information

Product description

E.P. Proplex is the safe alternative for all types of dangerous, harmful and environmental damaging solvents that are being used for cleaning ink plates and rollers, screens etc. in printing offices. E.P. Proplex is biodegradable with a high flash point. E.P. Proplex removes all kinds of ink (solvent and water based). Furthermore, E.P. Proplex can be used to remove colour agents, certain sorts of paint, adhesives, pen marks etc.

Sustainable solution

After intense research, Eco Point succeeded in developing a biodegradable product, designed to remove all types of ink quickly and efficiently. Using E.P. Proplex will result in a cleaner, safer, and more pleasant working environment for people in printing offices etc.

Special advantages

  • Recycle IconE.P. Proplex is fully biodegradable
  • Recycle IconE.P. Proplex has a very low evaporation rate
  • Recycle IconE.P . Proplex has a high flashpoint
  • Recycle IconE.P. Proplex is water soluble and economic in use
  • Recycle IconE.P. Proplex is safe to use on all types of surfaces and materials, such as synthetic materials, metal, glass, aluminum, etc.
  • Recycle IconE.P. Proplex cleans quickly and efficiently
  • Recycle IconE.P. Proplex can be rinsed off with water

Areas of application

  • E.P. Proplex is the answer to remove inks and glues from:
  • ink plates
  • screens
  • floors and walls
  • tools
  • printing office equipment
  • E.P. Proplex can also be used to:
  • clean paintbrushes

Solution areas

  • Often, aggressive and damaging solvents are used to remove ink
  • In many cases, these solvents are seriously damaging the environment
  • In many cases, these solvents have low flash points
  • The volatile nature of many solvents causes high concentrations of fumes in the air breathed by the people who work with these solvents
  • The conventional solvents also cause skin and eye problems for the user
  • Printing plates must be cleaned very quickly and efficiently

More information

Safe powerful biodegradable product for removing ink, glue and adhesives, paint remains and graffiti.

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E.P. Proplex