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Eco-Point joins DST-CHEMICALS A/S.

We are excited to inform you that as per 21 May 2024, the Eco-Point Group has been acquired by DST-CHEMICALS A/S.

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Contributing ideas, full service and saving costs

After producing these window panes, they are coloured by means of screen printing. The screen frame needs to be cleaned in between for the final cleaning to be done after the production run.

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vervanger aceton
Substitute for acetone

When Steurs moved from Antwerp to Wijnegem, it was the perfect moment to start working in an even safer and more innovative way. To do this, they were looking for safe alternatives, for instance to acetone for degreasing and cleaning printing plates. A few days after their request, Eco-Point made an appointment to look for a solution together.

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Hoestscherm reiniger
Plexiglass cough screen cleaner

Screens made of transparent lexan (polycarbonate) or plexiglass/perspex (acrylic) are currently in wide use to protect employees and customers against contamination from the coronavirus. It is (unfortunately) already almost impossible to imagine shops and supermarkets without these cough screens or partitions.

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