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Paint removal with paint strippers

Paint removal with paint strippers

Removing paint with paint strippers: how can you do that ecologically? Where paint, coatings and graffiti need to be removed, aggressive, harmful and environmentally unfriendly products are often used. Paint strippers were previously made of methylene chloride. However, methylene chloride was banned for use in paint strippers a number of years ago. Users are not entirely satisfied with the alternatives. Methylene chloride did work extremely well.  Normal paint strippers are often based on substances such as NMP, NEP, methanol, lye or highly flammable hydrocarbons. These substances are very harmful to people and the environment. Eco-Point has developed several paint strippers that do not require hazard symbols. They can be used safely and are also biodegradable. This is safe and responsible.

What is a paint stripper?

A paint stripper is needed to remove old paint. With a paint stripper, you prevent the old layers from getting in the way of new ones. For example, do you want to remove paint from wood, plastic or metal and then repaint them? When doing this, it is important to choose a paint remover that is safe for the surface. With the paint strippers from Eco-Point, you can be sure the surface will not be affected. Becasue of this, our paint stripper is widely used by painters, finishing and maintenance companies and also in the furniture industry.

Paint removal from wood, metal and plastic

Do you want to remove paint from a wooden, metal or plastic surface? Paint removers from Eco-Point are specially designed to do this in a safe and especially a responsible way. Specialists work as follows:

  1. They choose a paint stripper that is suitable for the type of substrate (in the case of plastic/synthetic substrates, it is necessary to test to make sure our paint stripper does not affect the substrate beforehand).
  2. They apply the paint stripper with great precision
  3. After the paint stripper has been well absorbed, the paint is accurately scraped off the surface with special equipment.
  4. The surface is cleaned a little more and you will no longer see the paint stains.