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Graffiti removers

Graffiti removers are often harmful to the environment and people. Paint or ink are often removed using aggressive and harmful solvents. In many cases, these solvents are very harmful to the environment and also have a very low flash point. This means that the substance can already ignite at a very low temperature. This rapid evaporation creates high concentrations in the air. This is absorbed by humans through the skin and/or inhalation. We do not always realise that the skin is our largest organ and can easily absorb dangerous materials from outside. This can cause various health problems including skin and eye problems and in the long term can lead to irreversible effects such as headaches, dizziness, forgetfulness, concentration problems and even personality changes. Of course this is unacceptable and you do not want this for your employees. It is best to remove paint with agents that are safe for your people and for the substrate. Eco-Point has succeeded in developing a biodegradable product that can quickly and efficiently remove all kinds of ink and paint from various surfaces. This product is ecologically friendly and not harmful to the environment.

Graffiti removal

Graffiti can be beautiful, but often leads to annoying challenges. Removing these drawings that have been painted in public places with aerosol paint is quite a job. Removal is often time-consuming and once the graffiti is removed, an unsightly shadow area is often left behind. After intensive research and testing, Eco-Point has products that remove the graffiti and also the shadow areas. This means that little or nothing remains of the graffiti marks after cleaning. Ideal for public transport, the government and certain municipalities that have to deal with a lot of nuisance graffiti in public places.

Graffiti removal with Eco-Point

Eco-Point has developed two types of graffiti remover: E. P. Shadowremover: a highly effective, powerful, biodegradable remover for graffiti and the shadow it can leave behind. This product has been specially developed for the service and cleaning industries. E.P. Shadowremover Plus: an effective, biodegradable graffiti remover specially developed for vertical surfaces.