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Cleaning agents

Cleaning agents are a broad category. In principle, this includes all cleaning agents that are used when cleaning a surface or item. Powerful cleaning agents are a must for every sector, but are particularly important in the hospitality, catering, sport and recreation industries. For municipalities, the public and semi-public sector, schools, cleaning companies, public transport, transport and storage (logistics), in retail and within facility services, cleaning agents are essential for good hygiene.

Cleaning agents without harmful ingredients

Cleaning agents come in all shapes and sizes, but in most cases they contain harmful ingredients. Eco-Point has a suitable ecological cleaning product for every cleaning job, often even without hazard symbols. This enables you to clean everything in and around the company or organisation in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way without affecting well-being. There is a huge variety of products, for example we have an ecological brake cleaner, wheel cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, aluminium cleaner, and so on.

Vehicle cleaner

Do you want to clean a vehicle? Could the rims or brakes be freshened up? Perhaps you are looking for a brake cleaner, a wheel cleaner or a general vehicle cleaner. Eco-Point has special cleaning products for vehicles, such as the Raileco 105 NF. This is a special foaming cleaner developed for cleaning rail vehicles, but is also excellent for cleaning commercial vehicles. Among other things, this product can be used for manual use or in a car wash

Stainless steel cleaner

Aside from vehicles, Eco-Point has suitable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly cleaning products for all other surfaces, including for example a stainless steel cleaner like E.P. Clinox. It is a highly economical product for polishing stainless steel. Gives a nice even shine and makes metal surfaces dirt- and water-repellent. This has made it popular in the hospitality industry, cafés or catering. A stainless steel cleaner can also be used as an aluminium cleaner and removes grease, dirt and fingerprints from stainless steel, chrome and aluminium.