Ecoatex Plus

Viscous stripper for paint, graffiti and ink

Safe, biodegradable, viscous stripper, developed as an alternative for strippers based on methylene chloride, pyrrolidones, methanol, caustic soda or highly inflammable products.


Product information

Product description

Ecoatex Plus is a powerful stripper, formulated from biodegradable constituents. Specially developed to remove paints, varnishes, coatings and graffiti in a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible manner. Thanks to its sophisticated balance of base materials, this unique product can strip several layers of paint at once and is effective on several paint systems. Its thickened composition means it can work into the paint for a long time.

Sustainable solution

Ecoatex Plus has a pleasant sweet smell and is free of methylene chloride, methanol, aromatic hydrocarbons and pyrrolidones and consists of biodegradable constituents. This viscous stripper for paint works fast and is safe to use, has a high flash point and thus evaporates very little. It has also been thickened, making it easy to apply on vertical surfaces and allowing it to penetrate for longer periods.

Special advantages

  • Recycle IconCan be used on interior and exterior objects.
  • Recycle IconHas a mild, sweet smell and is thus pleasant to use.
  • Recycle IconIs viscous and is easily processed using a brush, roller or cloth, particularly also on vertical surfaces.
  • Recycle IconIs safe to use.
  • Recycle IconIs biodegradable.
  • Recycle IconContains absolutely no chlorinated hydrocarbons, no methanol, no pyrrolidones and does not have to be classified as hazardous.
  • Recycle IconContains no silicon and paraffin, is washable, and the substrate can be painted again after use.

Areas of application

  • Ecoatex Plus can be used to remove synthetic and water-based alkyd resin systems, chlorinated rubber paints, hybrid systems, dispersion paints, polyurethane alkyds, varnishes and ornamental plasters and certain types of glue. Ecoatex Plus B has been tested by a reputable paint brand and came out as the best alternative for methylene chloride stripper: On alkyd paint (stair paint): apply once; Ecoatex Plus B can strip away up to 6 layers overnight. Alkyd-urethane varnish (parquet varnish): under the same conditions, also 6 layers. Dispersion paint (concrete paint): under the same conditions, up to 5 layers of paint. The repaintability is also described as perfect. Sanding before use and covering after applying Ecoatex Plus B will increase efficiency.

Solution areas

  • Wherever paint, coatings and graffiti have to be removed, often aggressive, harmful and environmentally damaging products are used. These products are often based on substances such as methylene chloride, methanol, lye, highly inflammable hydrocarbons, etc. These substances are extremely harmful to people and the environment.

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Ecoatex Plus