E.P. Bio Degreaser RTU20

Ready-to-use VOC-free cleaner and degreaser

VOC-free cleaner and degreaser, with the power of natural solvents.

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Product information

Product description

E.P. Bio Degreaser RTU20 is a micro emulsion without CLP labelling. Based on fully biodegradable and natural (bio-based) constituents. The addition of bio-based complexing agents also makes the product revolutionary and a replacement for many environmentally hazardous chemical degreasers.

Sustainable solution

E.P. Bio Degreaser RTU20 is a powerful degreaser that can be used at locations where water is allowed and can be used to solve the problems described above, which results in a clean, safe and pleasant working environment.
This VOC-free cleaner & degreaser lives up to the term: Safe&Save; the product is free from CLP labelling and non-hazardous to use, transport and store.

Special advantages

  • Recycle IconUnlabelled for use, transport and storage.
  • Recycle IconContains natural components, giving the product a biological basis. The components come from sustainable sources.
  • Recycle IconVOC-free!
  • Recycle IconA multi-functional product and can therefore replace various other products. Fewer different, often chemical, environmentally hazardous agents therefore need to be kept in stock.
  • Recycle IconE.P. Bio Degreaser RTU20 gives high surface energy and therefore excellent adhesive value in many applications (bonding method).

Areas of application

  • Cleaning machines and floors that are contaminated with oil and grease
  • Cleaning tools
  • Cleaning drive chains
  • Removing greases from bearing and guide tracks
  • Degreasing substrates before painting and coating
  • Cleaning synthetic materials (e.g. HPL)
  • Cleaning workplaces and floors, both mechanically and by hand (spot treatment)

Solution areas

  • Heavy industrial pollution
  • Greasy surfaces
  • Hazardous solvents
  • Residues of mineral, vegetable and animal-based oils

More information

VOC-free cleaner and degreaser, with the power of natural solvents.

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Technical Data Sheet - E.P. Bio Degreaser RTU20


E.P. Bio Degreaser RTU20