Remosolv Plus

Paint stripper and ink remover

Remosolv Plus. Fast-acting, safe, biodegradable paint stripper and ink remover. Can be washed easily with water, caused by added emulsifiers.

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Product information

Product description

Remosolv Plus is a fast-acting paint stripper, made of biodegradable ingredients. Specially developed to remove paints, inks and coatings safely, quickly and in a way that is ecologically safe. Taking into account the user friendly and ecologically safe nature of Remosolv Plus, the product is revolutionary and substitutes many chemical environmentally damaging unhealthy strippers and solvents.
Caused by the addition of emulsifiers, the product can be easily washed off with water and is easy to remove consequently.

Sustainable solution

Remosolv Plus has a mild odour and is absolutely free of methylene chloride and aromatic hydrocarbons. This paint and ink remover consists of biodegradable ingredients. Remosolv Plus acts fast and can be safely used.

Special advantages

  • Recycle IconCan be used for both indoor and outdoor objects.
  • Recycle IconHas a mild odour and is pleasant to use in result.
  • Recycle IconIs liquid and can be applied by spraying, by immersion and brushing and can be removed with a moist cloth or by rinsing with water.
  • Recycle IconIs safe to use, owing to its high flash point and a low vapour pressure.
  • Recycle IconIs biodegradable.
  • Recycle IconDoes not contain any chlorinated hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons or any other harmful substances.
  • Recycle IconIs silicon-free.

Areas of application

  • Remosolv Plus can be used for removing e.g. synthetic and water-dilutable alkyd resin systems, chlorinated rubber paints, hybrid systems, dispersion paints, polyurethane alkyds, varnishes and decorative plasters, certain types of adhesive and various types of inks.

Solution areas

  • Wherever paint, inks or coatings have to be removed, aggressive, highly volatile, harmful and environmentally damaging products, that are often based on substances such as methylene chloride, aromatic hydrocarbons etc, are commonly used. These substances are extremely harmful to human beings and to the environment. Many of these substances also contribute in a major way to the formation of O.P.S. (Organo Psycho Syndrome or ‘paint sickness’). Due to the high vapour pressure of these volatile substances, these must be classified as V.O.S. (Volatile Organic Substances).

More information

Snelwerkend, veilig, biologisch afbreekbaar, verfafbijtmiddel en inktverwijderaar. Goed waterafspoelbaar door toevoeging van emulgatoren.

Thorsten Wackenhut - Account Manager - Eco-Point Germany

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Remosolv Plus