E.P. Hyprox

Concentrated glass cleaner

Hyprox is a safe, concentrated and effective biodegradable multi-surface cleaner for removing most contaminants e.g. atmospheric pollution, fingerprints, nicotine etc. from a multitude of surfaces such as glass, plastic, painted surfaces, metal etc.

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Product information

Product description

Hyprox is a safe alternative when compared to traditional dangerous, harmful and environmentally unsafe cleaners which are used for cleaning windows, furniture, computer hardware and desks. Furthermore, Hyprox is biodegradable and has a high and safe flash point. In addition, Hyprox is a concentrated glass cleaner with the possibility of being diluted with water, resulting in economic use. Lastly, Hyprox has a pleasant odour and contains natural ingredients, which ensures good biodegradability.

Sustainable solution

Traditional surface cleaners are based upon diluted alcohol solutions which are difficult to biodegrade and also these ingredients are generally harmful to health and the environment; many of these conventional products spread an unpleasant odour. After extensive research ECO-POINT has succeeded in developing a biodegradable product for the quick and efficient removal of various pollutions. The use of Hyprox results in a hygienic, safe and pleasant cleaning job in offices, factory halls and interiors.

Special advantages

  • Recycle IconIs fully biodegradable.
  • Recycle IconIs a concentrated product with low usage.
  • Recycle IconAfter being diluted has a high flash point.
  • Recycle IconMust be diluted with water and, which results in economical use.
  • Recycle IconCan be used safely on various materials such as synthetic materials, metal, glass, aluminium etc.
  • Recycle IconCleans quickly and efficiently and has a pleasant odour.

Areas of application

  • Windows and doors
  • Computer-hardware, copiers and other equipment
  • Tables and desks

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E.P. Hyprox


E.P. Hyprox