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Limescale and rust removal

Limescale and rust removal

Limescale removal: what is it?

Limescale removal is a tough, time-consuming job that needs to be done properly. Has the limescale been left untouched for too long? This can be harmful to things like (domestic) appliances and plumbing. To prevent this, first of all it helps to know how lime, and limescale in particular, is formed. Lime can be found everywhere water flows. Limescale is often found in bathrooms and (commercial) kitchens as well as in cleaning companies and facility services. Exactly where limescale forms depends on the hardness of the water. ‘Hard’ water, which is high in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, causes limescale in pipes or on surfaces that are exposed to water. When the water evaporates, only the minerals from this water remain. These minerals create the familiar white layer called limescale. There are many different products on the market for removing limescale, most of which contain harmful substances. Eco-Point offers a solution: products from Eco-Point are not only powerful, but also ecological and biodegradable. This makes the products a safe and responsible choice for people and the environment.

Removing limescale: why is this necessary?

Removing limescale is necessary for a number of reasons:

  1. Limescale insulates, which increases the need for energy and causing equipment to be overloaded;
  2. Limescale deposits are a breeding ground for bacteria, which only exacerbates the limescale in the long run;
  3. Removing limescale deposits makes your equipment and sanitary fittings look fresh and clean again.

Removing limescale is very important in every sphere of life, both private and business, but especially in the hospitality industry, catering, sports and recreation, cleaning companies, facility services and in greenhouses and horticulture. Eco-Point has developed special agents that are suitable for all these sectors.

Rust removal

Another common problem related to water is rust. Rust can best be described as the deterioration of metal. You can often recognise it by the reddish-brown, sometimes even greenish deposit. Rust is caused by a reaction with a combination of water and oxygen (called oxidation). As with limescale removal, rust needs to be removed carefully using the right products. Eco-Point has developed special products here, such as Ecometal or Nutrifoam Plus. All these products are ecological and biodegradable and very effective for removing stubborn rust.”