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Glue, sealant and resin removal

Glue, sealant and resin removal

Removing glue, sealant or resin is a tough job that needs to be done thoroughly with the right products. Eco-Point has several biodegradable products specially developed to remove adhesive residues, silicone sealant or resin.  

Removing adhesive residues

Removing adhesive residues requires a good approach with the right products. What if low quality products are used? Then the removal can be difficult. Many companies use harmful and polluting solvents such as acetone, thinner, sticker remover, benzene or white spirits to remove adhesive residues. These products are very harmful to the health of employees. Fortunately, safe glue removers are also available. Eco-Point has several products that work powerfully and are also organic and ecologically sound.

  • Carpet glue removal A new carpet on the shop floor? The old carpet glue will need to be removed first. If you don’t do this, the carpet will not lie properly. Eco-Point has a powerful agent to remove carpet glue quickly and easily: Remocare. Remocare is a stripper that is especially suitable for removing carpet glue. It is fast-acting, effective, liquid and safe to use.
  • Tile adhesive removal Retiling an old tiled floor? Here too, the old tile adhesive needs to be removed first. Otherwise, the old adhesive residue can prevent the tiles from laying properly. One of our professionals will be happy to advise you on the perfect and safe way to remove tile adhesive.
  • Removing other adhesive residues Removing adhesive residues from traffic signs, for example, without damaging them? Or removing adhesive residues you have come across during a renovation? Eco-Point has several products for that as well, such as the P. Gluetex. For example, this agent is suitable for cleaning adhesive and labelling equipment and its surroundings.

Sealant removal

Aside from adhesive residues, removing silicone sealant is one of the most common tasks. Sealant is the collective name for viscous materials, i.e. materials that are used for bonding or for sealing holes, for example in walls. If the sealant is old, it can become mouldy, partially come loose or turn black. The only correct solution is to remove the silicone sealant.  

How to remove silicone sealant?

Removing silicone sealant is not an easy job. This sealant is known to be generally long-lasting and good quality. However, silicone sealant does need to be replaced from time to time. This is especially true in damp areas, such as in a shared kitchen or in the bathroom. It is best to do this with agents that do not damage the walls. Eco-Point has sealant removers that are made from biological products. This ensures that it does not leave unsightly stains on the wall or cause other problems. The sealant remover is also safe to use.  

Resin removal

Do you want to remove resin from a car, yard or window frame? You can choose products that contain hazardous substances or Eco-Point’s ecological products. These agents are powerful for resin removal and are biodegradable and ecologically sound.  “