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Quick Scan; identifying hazardous substances

“You may wonder whether there is an adequate overview of the hazardous substances in your company or whether this could be better. Perhaps a little more background knowledge would help? Eco-Point can help you with its free quick-scan. The hazardous substances are identified and possible alternatives considered.

Free Quick Scan: for whom?

  • If the STOP principle (Substitution, Technical checks, Organisational measures and Personal protective equipment) still brings up questions for you
  • You have a requirement for safe alternatives
  • You feel you could use some help and expertise in this area, without having all kinds of hourly rates and (expensive) advisors sent to you.

Substances such as benzene, toluene, ethanol, dichloroethane, formaldehyde, boric acid (compounds), methyl and ethyl pyrrolidone (NMP and NEP), phenol compounds, n-hexane, laughing gas, coal tar, styrene, perchloroethylene and xylene …. this is only a sample of the list of carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substances, that is cancer-causing substances, substances that can cause genetic mutations and/or being hazardous to reproduction.

What can Eco-Point do for you?

If you have a current risk assessment and a substance registration system, the problematic substances can be highlighted and we can look at whether we or partners of Eco-Point can offer alternatives to them.

How does the Quick Scan work?

  1. Our product advisor makes an appointment and takes stock of which chemicals are being purchased.
  2. The danger of the various products is assessed.
  3. Alternatives to the hazardous products are offered.
  4. Eco-Point takes care of aftercare and gives the opportunity to explain the process in more detail for the rest of the organisation and to train employees.

Eco-Point has unique replacements such as brake cleaners, degreasers, ink, paint and glue removers. Safe substitutes, completely free of all hazard symbols.

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