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Disinfection and hygiene

Disinfection and hygiene

Disinfection and hygiene: in the time of an epidemic, perhaps this is more important than ever. It is especially important to clean contact surfaces properly, critical areas where pathogen transmission occurs the most. This requires a powerful disinfectant. After all, good hygiene does not happen by itself. This includes both cleaning and disinfecting when necessary. In other words, without proper cleaning, disinfection is useless.

Hygiene and disinfection in public places

Good hygiene is important for everyone – people and the environment. Poor hygiene can make you sick. This means it is important to maintain good hygiene to protect yourself and others. Particularly in public places, where hundreds of people gather every day. Consider for example the catering industry, municipalities, sports and recreation, schools or public transport. And also hospitals, doctor’s surgeries or office buildings. It is very important to cleaning thoroughly with the right disinfectant. Disinfecting with a powerful and safe disinfectant can prevent the possible spread of viruses, which helps keep visiting these locations safe and responsible.


Eco-Point has developed several biodegradable disinfectants to ensure good hygiene. Examples include (industrial) hand soap, wipes, hand gel and cleaning agents that can clean contact surfaces thoroughly. All agents are safe to use and made of ecological materials. Disinfectants always have an approval number. This sometimes differs per country. In the Netherlands, our products Microx and Laquick Pro have an approval number. In Belgium only Microx.

Outdoor hygiene

In addition to preventing the spread of viruses, good outdoor hygiene is also important. Moss and algae in particular play a major role in hygiene. Moss and algae grow in damp and shady places. You can come across them in many places: in the garden, on the roof or in the schoolyard. Eco-Point has developed a special product for this: the E.P. Algex (attention! only available in the Netherlands with approval number).  This agent is specially designed for removing algae, bacteria, yeasts and moulds.