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Cooling lubricants

Cooling lubricants: what are they? It is an aqueous solution or an oil-in-water emulsion that is used in metalworking processes to dissipate the processing heat. These substances also reduce friction between cutting tools, products and cuttings and wash away cuttings and grit. They are usually used in a special bath. The sectors most familiar with cooling lubricants are technical services, body shops, metalworkers and maintenance companies. Cooling emulsions have a cooling function. The disadvantage of cooling emulsions is that micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts and moulds) can develop. To prevent this, substances are added. These can cause skin irritation and even skin allergy. Experience has shown that Eco-Point cooling lubricants do not cause skin irritations or allergies. Many cooling lubricants contain substances that can be harmful to humans, such as boric acid and formaldehyde. Boric acid can affect the nervous system, the kidneys and even the liver, and formaldehyde is carcinogenic and can irritate the eyes, nose and throat. This can be extremely dangerous. It is better to choose a product that is safe for your staff, like those from Eco-Point. All products are made of ecological substances and materials and are biodegradable. They do not require a hazard pictogram, which means they are a good, safe choice.

Choosing the right cooling lubricant

Choosing the right product is extremely important. What if you choose a bad coolant? This can cause major problems, such as: Growth of micro-organisms, such as bacteria, yeasts and moulds Foul odour Blockages in supply lines and filters Chance of skin and health problems Corrosion forming on work pieces in the machine Fortunately, there are safe alternatives on the market that minimise the risk to people and machines, such as the products from Eco-Point.